– Review The Products You Buy

Prodca.stProdcast is where costumers can tell everybody else about these products that they have had the pleasure/disappointment to try in person, and explain it all in great detail so that others know what to expect from such products if they do buy them. And the way everything is structured means that anything posted on the Prodcast website is going to be broadcast to Facebook and Twitter as well. So, if you use the site your whole social graph is reading your comments and insight.

The site itself is arranged in a pretty logical way, with the latest products that have been added to the database being discussed on a live feed, and the ones that have received the best ratings also having a corner of their very own. Moreover, a leaderboard will let you realize who the users of the site to look out for are.

This leaderboard has users ranked by number of comments. While that could never tell you about the actual quality of what is being written, it does tell you about how committed the person is to writing reviews and helping others by sharing his (or her) own experiences as a customer. In Their Own Words

Prodcast is a website where you can comment on the products you love and share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fast way to figure out which products to buy, and which to steer clear of.

Some Questions About

Is the site curated in any way or the other?