– Weighing Pros & Cons Up

ProConLists.comMaking up your mind in the digital age is not only easier than it was before, it is actually way funnier. If you don’t believe it, simply try paying this website a visit.

Named ProCon Lists, it will let you set down a dilemma and have other people offer their insight and advice. In the end, you will be capable of weighing up the pros and cons of mostly anything and arrive at a decision in which you took into account some things you wouldn’t have considered if you had been on you own.

The topics or decisions that you can post on the site are really wide, and they could range from “Should I Buy The Latest Album By AC/DC?” to more substantial ones like “Should I buy a house?” and the perennial “Will It Be A Good Thing If I Date Her?”. The featured system can also give you three different set of results, and these go by the names of “Balanced Results”, “Emotional Results” and “Rational Results”.

Also, once you have signed up you can start saving your own lists either for checking them again later on or for sharing them with others. And it is always possible to sign in by way of Facebook Connect. In Their Own Words

“A Pro/Con list can help you make more informed decisions by weighing all the positives and negatives.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a direct way to find out the answer to any dilemma that might be keeping you walking in circles.

Some Questions About

What will it take for the site to become more massive?