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PRManna.comSimply put, PRManna is a spot in which journalists that are on the lookout for sources can connect with knowledgeable people the word over and begin collaborating. The site is particularly suited to the startup community, and it aims to become a port of call for tech bloggers.

The dynamics of the site involve the posting of requests which are very to-the-point. You simply specify what it is you want to know more about (IE, “Business” or “SEO”) and then those who are up to the challenge will get in touch. You can also be very concise and posts requests that deal with a concrete concern such as “How can I get exposure among tech bloggers?” and so forth.

When all is said and done, the site has what it takes for becoming a point of reference for those in pursuit of specialized knowledge and the ones who can provide it. Using the site is inexpensive, too, so that you can submit a request anytime you want or browse the ones that are already featured in order to see if someone has already posted a similar question, and save time in the process. In Their Own Words

“We match journalists looking for sources with experts who want to help.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let people who are hungry for knowledge and the ones who can satisfy that hunger meet and start collaborating from that point onwards.

Some Questions About

Can you offer a monetary reward as part of the request so that people will become more interested?