– Self Destructive Electronic Messages

PrivNote.comIn spy movies self destructive messages and notes are a veritable staple; in real life, you probably don’t have that luxury or thrill of auto-exploding secret messages, at least not until now. With Privnote, you can send Mission Impossible style notes to friends, colleagues, and contacts.

Now, of course, your messages won’t actually blow up or burn; however, the link to the note is destroyed once it is clicked, so it can only be seen once. If someone else happens to intercept the note before the intended recipient gets to it, that person will know. Privnote will also send you a notification as soon as the message is read. Should you regret sending a note, you can destroy it yourself before any eyes have a chance to glimpse it. Privnote is absolutely free to use. In Their Own Words

“Privnote is a web tool that you can use to send private notes over the Internet.
What makes Privnote different from sending a regular email or instant message?
• You get a link to the note, and once that link is clicked the note is destroyed so it can only be seen once. If someone intercepts the link and sees the note before the person who’s intended to read it, that person will known that the note has been eavesdropped, and can tell you about it.
• If you want to be notified when your note gets read you can do it by checking the notify box located below then note. Neither email nor instant messaging provides a reliable way to know if, let alone when, your messages are read.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Privnote is a simple and elegant application with an interesting twist. Auto-destructing messages are the stuff movies are made of; there’s definitely a cool cache to this along with the practical side. It could be put to many uses, plus it’s got polyglot functionality, which means you can write your secrets in multiple languages.

Some Questions About

Is there a way to send out notes to more than one recipient at once? How secure is Privnote? How will it build up a user base?