Anonymous? Safe? The Internet? Hassle-free? Hello, Privatoria

I knew somebody had to be working on something like this. A secure and confidential Internet that’s – here’s the kicker – uncomplicated.


It’s been a mystery to me as to why everyone has been so concerned about privacy, yet no one has really stepped forward as the be-all, end-all solution. We can blame the internet (can’t we always?). We want to be secure, we want our privacy, but we don’t want to change our online behavior or lift a finger to help protect ourselves.


Efforts to make the internet safe have leaned heavily toward complexity – more varied passc odes, two factor authentication, advanced privacy settings and configurations, etc. Too much trouble. What’s more, to the casual observer, such measures don’t seem to stop data leaks and theft. So, why bother?


Privatoria takes the easy-to-use route. This service lets us safely use the internet without needing any special skills or difficult software. Privatoria lets us communicate, surf the web, and transfer files, all both securely and anonymously.


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Chat, calls, video chats, emails – all your standard forms of communication, without worry. Reliable transfers to unlimited users, without trouble. Anonymous browsing and no data mining. Ta da!


Reading up on the service, I immediately wondered if I could continue using Chrome for browsing. The answer is yes, along with other common browsers such as Firefox. Secure VPNs and anonymous proxies conceal your real IP address, so no one knows who you are while you surf. This also comes in handy for working around blocked sites.


If terms like VPNs and proxies leave you scratching your head, this is the beauty of Privatoria – they’re of no concern. You can go about your business online without extra fuss, with greater peace of mind that your activity is your business only.


This confidentiality comes at the price of a small monthly fee. Privatoria supports business and personal plans, and currently offers a free trial to get started with either option.


Personally, I find a minimal charge well worth the anonymity and security, especially given that no extra burden is placed on me. Like everybody else, I have enough to do already. My brain can’t handle additional steps to protect myself even though I spend a good portion of my hours online and have recently had both personal and financial data stolen. Sigh.


I hope Privatoria comes through where others have fallen short. In case it wasn’t made clear, another benefit of Privatoria is the convenience of finding different means of communication, data storage, and browsing all in one place. Put that together with effortless security and privacy, and there’s every reason to give Privatoria a try.


Keep the scoundrels at bay and shut the curtains on prying eyes at


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