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High-Quality Legal Services For Startups At Below-Market Rates

Basha Rubin was a student at Yale Law School when she realized that a huge percentage of businesses weren’t receiving sufficient legal representation. She decided to address this failing, and co-founded Priori Legal to help New York businesses obtain legal services quickly and affordably. She’s out to transform how businesses and lawyers interact, and her approach is making waves in the legal marketplace.




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Basha was kind enough to take some time out from her busy startup life – and her company’s imminent expansion and domination throughout the LA and San Fran markets – to tell us more about how to handle the haters and bring change to conservative professions. This is counsel you don’t wanna miss.


What inspired Priori Legal?

At Yale Law School, I worked in the legal clinics for 5 semesters. That experience inspired Priori. I saw how vital, even life-changing, excellent legal services can be for individuals and businesses alike. While the extremes in the marketplace are well-served – the wealthiest and those with access to free legal services – the middle 90% is underserved.



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Our mission is to make sure that high-quality legal services can be affordable, accessible, and efficient for businesses and business professionals of all kinds. Priori uses technology to make finding, hiring, and working with a lawyer as easy and enjoyable as it can be!


What makes Priori Legal so killer?

Priori is the easiest place for small businesses to find the best lawyers. We’re a curated online marketplace that connects startups and SMBs with a network of vetted lawyers at pre-negotiated below-market, fixed and transparent rates. We simplify and improve the process of finding, hiring, paying for and working with legal counsel.


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Priori focuses on the quality of the attorneys in our network with an extensive vetting process resulting in a 20% acceptance rate. When small business or individuals use Priori, they can rest-assured that they are only being shown high-quality attorneys, not searching through an open listing.


We also pre-negotiate a discount (25%) with our lawyers as well as exclusive flat-fee packages, so our clients save substantially over what they would pay on the open-market and they can predict the costs.


Finally, customer-service and a managed experience. Part of making legal easy for companies big and small is having a fantastic team who can help guide clients through the process at every stage of the game.



Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t let the haters get you down – but make sure you’re being realistic about your financial situation and runway. Many entrepreneurs I’ve met (and I’m guilty of this too) have very grand visions about the change they are going to make – and that’s important, but in your early days, sometime the best advice is to dive deep into your users and understand what’s working and what’s not.


What has been the biggest surprise about starting up?

Law is a conservative profession, so when I first started talking about Priori three years ago, I heard a lot of skepticism from lawyers. One lawyer told me Priori was the worst idea he’d ever heard in his whole life. The amazing part, though, is how quickly perception has changed – as we’ve gained traction over the past year, many of those people are now eager to participate!!


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How has being an entrepreneur changed or enriched your life?

A ‘can-do’ attitude. Especially in the early days, when something needed to happen, I had to be the one to do it – regardless of whether I knew a thing about it (and I usually didn’t). It’s been extremely empowering to build Priori, and watch people use it and truly benefit.


What is the tech scene like where you live?

New York City has a very dynamic and collaborative tech scene. Everyone is actively involved in that community through networking, partnerships, referrals, and sharing resources – and I would add that the legal tech community in NYC is especially close.



If your startup or small business is in need of legal services, checkout To learn more about these startup defenders, find them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Priori Legal Blog.


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