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PriceTrace.comDo you ever feel that you are paying an arm and a leg for items that common sense dictates should be priced lower? Should you feel that way ever again, a quick visit to this site will let you figure if that is indeed the case or not. PriceTrace is a price search engine which aims to help shoppers buy the products that they are after at the best possible price.


The way it all works means you will be capable of comparing any product’s current price across the many stores found on the WWW today, as well as seeing a chart that details the price history of each and every product. Moreover, it is possible to subscribe to price drop alerts in order to buy a product only when a desired price has been reached, and maximize the amount you can save like that.

A nice addition is the inclusion of a Firefox add-on that takes the shape of a toolbar, and that will let you see all the information that was just mentioned while you are shopping online without needing to stray from the actual store – it is all provided as part of the featured bar, and actions such as subscribing to alerts and seeing the price history of any item are dealt with in a mere click. In Their Own Words

“ is a price search engine which helps shoppers to buy the product at the best price. At, you can compare product’s current price across many online stores, see the product’s price history chart, and subscribe price drop alert so that you can buy the product only when it drops to your desired price.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Active shoppers will maximize it for sure – the toolbar alone is extremely versatile.

Some Questions About

Can people using other browsers access the functionalities of the provided bar in one way or the other?

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