Makes Online Shopping Even Easier

Not too long ago, people used to have to leave their houses and actually go to a store in order to get the things they needed. Crazy, right? Sometimes they had to go to multiple stores in order to get all of the different things they needed. One store for meat. One store for vegetables. One store for men’s clothing. One store for women’s clothing…


I’m obviously being a bit facetious, but my sassiness has a point: online shopping has changed the way we access consumer goods. We’re now able to get everything from groceries to clothing to, well, anything delivered straight to our doors. And while that’s awesome, it can also be overwhelming. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a Super Walmart and are like “Whoooooooooa, where do I even start??” I kind of feel like online shopping is that, times a thousand.


But that’s where sites like come in. describes itself as “India’s leading product discovery and price comparison engine” and their goal is to not only make it easier for consumers to find great products online but also to find them the best possible prices. Users can search for different products across a range of categories, compare features and prices for different products across multiple online stores, and read and write reviews.


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And just like a Super Walmart, you can get anything on mobiles, tablets, laptops, cameras, televisions, computers, clothing and accessories, home decor, and appliances. However, unlike a Super Walmart, you can do all of that without having to interact with other shoppers, store keepers, and without having to search up and down the aisles of that terrifying, massive place. It’s all of the convenience and none of the terribleness!


Look, any serious online shopper knows that online shopping is simultaneously awesome and overwhelming. It’s all to easy to fall down the comparison shopping rabbit hole or to get hung up on finding the absolute product out there. If you live in India and find yourself wishing that online shopping was just a little bit easier, head over to and you’ll find that it is!


Photo Credits: | michaeljung/Shutterstock