– Get Your Store Refunds

Priceprotectr.comPrice Protectr is another great site for the consumer. It will monitor the prices of products you buy online and see if they go down (which apparently they often do).

They will then notify you and you can collect your refund. Normally, you buy a product online knowing they have a price protection policy, but it is up to you to monitor the prices and ask for a refund. Who would do that? The site monitors 33 major stores including Amazon, Best Buy, Circuit City, Costco, Future Shop, Sears and Staples. All you have to do to get the service started is enter the URL of the product you bought and wait for the good news. Of course, it is up to you at that point to go back to the online store and start the refund process; but Price Protectr does offer detailed instructions on how to handle that process at most of its stores. In Their Own Words

Get your money back!
There are lots of stores out there that offer price protection policies — when the price drops on an item you’ve purchased, they’ll refund you the difference. But there’s a catch… it’s up to you to watch prices.

Price Protectr makes it simple to keep track of your purchases and get your money back. It’s free. It’s easy. It’s free and easy money. How often do you get that offer?

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site demonstrates the beauty of the internet. This site will help you reap money, for free. All you have to do is join, record you purchases at those stores with price protected policies, and wait.

Some Questions About

Why do the stores agree to participate in this process, or do they? Will the site soon offer product recommendations to customers when they see prices going down on preferred items? Or will they offer some kind of price comparisons to shoppers? Finally, I recommend they start a FAQ page.