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Pricenoia.comAs of this date, there are six major international Amazon stores. You would think that ordering from the one that is closer to your location would save you the most money, but that is not necessarily true.


The trouble is, checking every single store one by one to compare would take some time and many of us just can’t afford it. That is where this application comes in.

In the most straightforward terms available, Pricenoia is an Amazon store checker that looks up any item at the existing retail locations and lets you see where the best bargains are at.

As well as searching for the price of any given product at every store, the cheapest shipping fares are taken into account and used to calculate the total amount. This amount is automatically presented in the same currency for additional convenience.

This service is actually provided at no cost, and since Pricenoia is an Amazon associate you can rest assured that the information is always up-to-date and accurate. If you have a soft spot for online shopping, a visit to this site will definitely not go amiss. In Their Own Words

“There are six international Amazon stores, and we’ve found ourselves checking the books and products we want to order at all of them, to find the best price. You may think that ordering from the nearest store would be cheaper, but it isn’t in many cases. That’s why we created Pricenoia, we want to help people around the world check for a book’s price at all the Amazon stores, in a convenient way.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Picking the best deal at Amazon stores has never been easier.

Some Questions About

How could the site be furthered and expanded?

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