– Check Prices on Your Mobile

Pricecheck.atPriceCheck is a web-based solution which is currently available in the UK that can be used to instantly check prices on your mobile phone. Search by entering the make or model of the item you’d like to check and PriceCheck will instantly give you a comparison price.

If you’d like to buy something using pricing check, simply click on the link that they send you and you will be directed to the website that quoted the price. It’s always good to do a bit of comparing before purchasing and a solution like PriceCheck allows you to buy impulsively while at the same time knowing that you’ve gotten the best price. While the most attractive part of PriceCheck is the ability to compare on the go, the site is also accessible from any internet enabled device. In Their Own Words

“Keep tabs on the latest prices when you’re out and about with Just enter the make/model of the item you want to check and compare prices immediately. is designed to be fast and easy to use on your mobile phone.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Searches are rapid and in general they come back with well priced alternatives. This could become a very popular tool in the mobile-savvy UK.

Some Questions About

It is unclear as to how many sites they are aggregating when they do their search. Knowing which sites are being searched would instill a bit more confidence in the fact that the price being returned is the best one.