search cancel – Promoting Your Business Online startup that hails from South America, Pricebook stands as a new B2Business network that will let you introduce any business or product for customers to make up their minds about its merits. The idea is to let users learn all about the company though the site, and that includes providing them with the relevant contact information should they become interested enough as to make a personal inquiry.


In that way, the site offers centralized business information and browsing through yellow pages becomes a thing of the past.

The database can be browsed through in several ways, as a search functionality that will let the user specify the many aspects is provided. These aspects include “Quotations”, “Cities”, “Companies” and “Business Areas”. Both a guide of companies and a list of price quotations can be accessed from the main page, too.

The site is still being fine-tuned, and three languages are available (Portuguese, Spanish and English) or will be available soon. The site has also attracted mostly a Brazilian following so far, but there is no real reason why it shouldn’t break on to a more global market. In Their Own Words

“New B2Business.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a network, it might appeal to those in the local and regional scene before it becomes a more widespread B2B alternative – the service is useful enough as to merit that.

Some Questions About

How do you go about getting your company listed on the site? Is that free?

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