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PrewrittenContent.comPrewritten Content is a site where you can find articles, reviews, blog posts, and more just like that. When you visit the site you can decide to browse through the articles, blog posts, or databases.

The articles have 14 categories to browse through including: pets, relationships, travel, weight loss, web development and more. You can click on a category and see the articles that are available. If a particular article interests you, you can click on it to see a brief description, view the sellers portfolio, or read the feedback other users have submitted. If you are interested in buying the article you can add it to your cart. You must register with the site in order to buy prewritten content. If you are a writer you can choose to be a seller and submit your content to the site. As a seller you keep 80% of the price that the article sells at. Prewritten Content is straight forward and easy to use with written content from a variety of topics. In Their Own Words

“Prewritten Content is a one stop shop for all your content needs. We sell prewritten articles, reviews, tutorials and databases from experienced writers . Our content is affordable but of the highest quality. Don’t forget to bookmark us. “

Why It Might Be A Killer

Prewritten Content has a well organized interface. If you are looking for content in a particular topic you can easily browse through the categories to find what you are looking for. It is nice that other written content besides articles are available to purchase such as blog posts. As a seller 80% of the profit is not bad.

Some Questions About

At the moment there isn’t that much activity or content on the site, hopefully with time that will change. Prewritten Content could also add a feature where users could contact a seller so that if they want an article on a topic that is not available on the site they can make requests.