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PrestoReviews.comPresto Reviews is a company which is in charge of building review sites for businesses such as car dealers and restaurants. Some of its most salient features are that accurate moderation is actively provided, and that the sites which are created by Presto Reviews are free from ads of any kind.


In practice, that means these sites and your customers are not exposed to other competing products that might lure them away from what you intend to sell.

And one of the main concerns for any person who has a site on the WWW is fully tackled, namely that of ensuring SEO optimization. A site is no good if it is impossible to reach, so it is certainly commendable that this company deals with that major concern.

In addition to that, the site has a “Best Practices” section where considerations on how to maximize a review site are provided. For example, the commonly erroneous impression that only positive reviews should be published is analyzed right there.

Ultimately, customers love to have their say. Any system that lets them express their feelings as regards your products or services can but increase their loyalty. And when a review mechanism is as easy to implement as the one which this company offers, then it is all the more appealing for everybody – both the business owner and the end user are benefited by it. In Their Own Words

“Presto Reviews provides a custom installation of your site that makes it possible to have your own review site up and running in a matter of hours.

Today’s customer wants to give an opinion. Presto Reviews makes it easy. Simple-to-complete review forms help your customers quickly give rich, relevant reviews that will help future shoppers make a purchasing decision.

Presto Reviews help build relationships with customers. Letting customers give real details about their buying experience increases customer engagement and provides the kind of peer-to-peer advertising money can’t buy! Keep your customers engaged on your site and doing business with you in both the sales department and service department.

Presto Reviews help shoppers find reviews from “people like them.” These relevant and trusted endorsements of your dealership make it easier for shoppers to make a decision to buy from “people like you”.

Shoppers gain confidence to buy from the peer-to-peer connection that reviews from similar customers provide. Plus, when shoppers see our “Read Our Reviews” badge on your home page, they will know that you take customer service seriously.

Presto Reviews was created with the dealer in mind. Providing a solution to the all too common problem of negative reviews with no real solution to handle them, Presto Reviews has given the dealer the tools they need to get honest feedback on their store’s level of customer service and give honest solutions to consumers who want to have their issues addressed.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Customers appreciate having the opportunity to give their opinion on any service which is provided. Such a practice makes any business a transparent one.

Some Questions About

How long does it take for such a site to be up and running? What about the maintenance of the website?

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