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PressTags.comKnowing what to write about is a never-ending concern for new bloggers. They know that the sooner they hit their stride, then the more traffic they will generate and the more profitable their blogs will turn out to be.

Up until today, there was really no direct way to find what has been trending on WordPress blogs the world over. But a new service named PressTags has been released in order to change that.

The PressTags website presents itself as an ordered index of the trending topics on the blogosphere. It all looks very similar to how Twitter presents its trending topics to users, and there is really nothing wrong with that – both sites are offering comparable information, only that in different contexts.

And a plugin is available, letting you see what other bloggers are writing about in real time. In this way, you will be able to modify any post that you are creating on the fly, and have a real fighting chance to be up there with the biggest online newsbreakers. In Their Own Words

Discover trending WordPress posts.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you find exactly what to blog about at all times.

Some Questions About

Will we ever see something like this for other blogging platforms such as Blogger?