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PressDoc.comThe way the media landscape stands right now calls for a new approach to press releases, and that is exactly what this startup has set out to provide. PressDoc is a platform that will let its users come up with press releases that include multimedia content (such as images and videos) as well as contextual information that will let the one reading the document learn about last-minute changes.


Something like this is perfectly suited to the current state of the Social Web, as it will make it easier for bloggers (a true force to be reckoned with) to cover anything that you are releasing. Think about it, the easier they can get to grips with what you are releasing then the more likely they are to not simply covering it but also doing it in a favorable way.

These enhanced press releases come with options like scheduled distribution, you will also have access to detailed analytics showcasing who is reading them, and what they are saying about your product if they do decide to pen a post about it.

This service is available on pay-per-document basis. There are no monthly or recurring fees to be paid for using it. In Their Own Words

“Write, edit and publish your own social media release online and share it with journalist, bloggers and your clients.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It takes something that hasn’t been updated in quite a while such as press releases and makes them fit in smugly in the current state of the Social Web.

Some Questions About

What else could these enhanced press releases include in order to be even richer?

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