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If your life or profession make you give lectures or talk to big audiences often, you may want to give your contact information for keeping in touch with members of the audience. Whether for business or academic purposes, is quite useful for doing this process in a quick and practical way.

Imagine that you are an entrepeneur with a great idea but you need an investor (or many of them) who can finance your project. You will have to present this idea before lots of people more than once, and you really want to have contact with them. But you can’t stay, of course, writing down their contact information one by one, because this could take away at least half of your day. You could just show your e-mail adress and invite them to write there so you can build your contact list.

But this will have also some kind of risk. In the first place, e-mail can get lost in the amount of mails that you receive for other matters. It could also go directly to the spam folder and you will never now that that person ever mailed you back. And besides, you are adding something to do to people who may be busy all day and will not be able to find the time to write to you.

If 50% of the audience intended to send that mail, maybe you only receive half of that amount if you take away accidental spam mails, and the busy time which never allowed the interested members of the audience write to you. helps you take away all these risks by simply giving you an account on the internet, with a corresponding code to it. During a presentation, you only need to ask those who attended, to enter and enter your code. Then they will be taken to a screen that will show them a form to fill in their contact information. And that’s all, really. You will have your database built automatically, ready for you to start sending e-mails to whom is really interested.

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Making every presentation count.

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Author : Charly Zaks

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