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Presentify.meLetting you do something productive with all the unused coupons that you might have is the aim of Presentify. Compatible with Groupon, Dealfind, Tippr and Gilt City, this is a service that can have all your unwanted coupons turned into gifts. This process is really swift, with you being able to turn your every unused voucher into a pretty gift certificate. You just have to supply the link to the deal, the voucher number and your name for s gift certificate to be created. You’re also choosing the actual design that the certificate will be based on, and although the site could really use more designs the ones that are featured all look more than good. And a not-so-distant site update is going to let you use your very own designs.

An original service and no mistaking, Presentify is sure to make deal sites change the way they work, and start giving people the chance to have vouchers turned into gifts themselves. Until that day comes, is the one and only way to turn any unused voucher you might have lying around into a nice-looking present. In Their Own Words

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How long will it be before the big boys get wise to the game, and start giving their customers the chance to do this on their sites?