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PresentBee.comPresent Bee is a social platform for discovering great gift ideas and having them discussed with whomever you want. Using Present Bee, you will be able to search for any member of your family or friend that you want to gift, and by talking with those who know him you will get to learn about these items that he has always wanted but that he has never told you about.


And once you have found the right gift for the right person, you can do two different things. One is buying it through Present Bee yourself, and the other is buying it collectively. In this way, you can buy the most elegant gifts ever without going bankrupt in the process. And you will be buying them through trusted retailers, too.

Present Bee works with Facebook, but you shouldn?t worry about your friend or relative knowing about what you are planning – at no point is your activity on Present Bee posted to your Facebook Wall. All your conversations are going to remain private. In Their Own Words

Present Bee is a place to discover gift ideas and talk about them with your friends.

Why It Might Be A Killer

By buying gifts in such a social setting you are ensuring that you are getting exactly what your friend wants, and that you are getting it at the best price.

Some Questions About

Will other social sites besides Facebook ever be supported?

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