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PresentationEngine.comMultimedia presentations have become a standard in today’s office workplace. PresentationEngine is one such presentation tool focused on corporate customers with high end needs.

They provide slick, stylish looking presentations at affordable prices. Templates allow for quick creation. Users start out with the MyEngines dashboard which displays all available presentations with the options to edit, show, track or download. At the editing stage, uses select a template, add music (tracks can be selected from the gallery or uploaded), customize the intro and colors, and edit texts and images. Presentations can then be shown via email or the internet—engines (aka presentations) may be turned into websites or downloaded for putting on CD. Pricing starts at $47 at the individual level or $197 at the agency level with unbranded engines. In Their Own Words

“ creates stunning multimedia presentations – automatically!

Our online system combines YOUR words and media, with OUR professional designs to produce multimedia presentations – instantly!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

For all sorts of businesses, PresentationEngine provides professional, elegant presentations that are easy to make. For those who can afford it, this is much less time consuming than having to put everything together from scratch.

Some Questions About

Presentation apps are a dime a dozen. The prices here may seem steep for some, what with the wide range of selection available. The fact that they charge for master files may leave you looking for other alternatives.