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Preneuraholics.comA really new concept for a change, Preneuraholics is aimed at small businesses and startups that are looking for funding. This site will provide that in the shape of peer to peer donations.


The idea is good any way you look at it, but with the economy the way it is right now and the lack of loans for small businesses, the timing is more right than ever for such a modality of funding.

This system has specifically been devised for those that have not been able to obtain traditional funding through banks, venture capital, angels SBA or grants. Funds are provided via donations from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs, fostering a true community spirit and creating bonds more easily. As they put it on the site, this is akin to a movement in which those who are part of the scene “fund each other’s startup”.

Such a system is not circumscribed to small businesses only. Existing businesses that are struggling to keep afloat will benefit from it, too.

The site is certainly idealistic, and it is also very easy to get in the swing of it all – it is all a matter of joining in, and visiting either the “Request Funds” or the “Projects To Fund” section. In Their Own Words

“It is time to take back the American Dream. Americans are uniting together to develop a whole new system of small business funding. By joining forces we can help each other.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great idea, and one that can resonate with the many struggling entrepreneurs out there. Not only will they get funded, they will also make new connections along the way.

Some Questions About

What would it take for this to catch on?

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