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PremiumNewsTheme.comPremium News is a website which showcases and makes available a WordPress theme, specifically for highly motivated bloggers who wish to have an extremely visible and regularly updated blog. Upon arriving at the site, you will be presented with an interface and layout that correspond to what your WordPress blog will look like when and if you choose to purchase and download the Premium News theme.

Not surprisingly, Premium News offers up a theme which resembles the front page of a newspaper complete with highlights, images, and featured articles. The layout of your content can be easily modified; Premium News has enabled WordPress’s CMS capabilities in way that makes available such a magazine/newspaper style blog interface to a more common crowd. The theme comes with a variety of features and customization options, the most notable of which is the video and photo section which is optimized for any blogger who needs to employ a lot of visual media content on his or her site. As mentioned before, the Premium News theme is not free, and purchasing it will set you back US $99.95 for a single-use theme. In Their Own Words

“Magazine- / News-style websites are so hot and popular right now and they’re popping up all over the web. The aim of this theme is to offer the mainstream public the opportunity to implement such a website at a very low cost.
WordPress is a very powerful platform and it is evolved as a total CMS solution. The Premium News Theme enables many of WordPress’ CMS abilities in an easy and efficient way. Not everyone can code a magazine- / news- style theme for WordPress, but this theme makes those types of sites accessible to more people at a very affordable price”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Premium News offers an above-average, elegant, and highly stylized theme for WordPress bloggers. Especially for those who wish to operate a mass media-style blog; the high level of customizability and different layout options for videos, photos, and articles should be appealing. Better yet, if you don’t’ have the time, patience, or means to customize Premium News for your site, they’ll do it for you; just send an email to the site owner regarding the modifications you require.

Some Questions About

Premium News is not cheap, and therefore the price may dissuade all but the most serious bloggers.