– Electronic Prescriptions

Prematics.comHow many times have you been handed a prescription from your doctor, with a totally illegible scribble scrawled on a piece of paper? How many times has your pharmacist had to guess your appropriate medications because they couldn’t understand the doctor’s prescription? Prematics hopes to put an end to this guessing game. The company is introducing an electronic system of prescriptions, known as ScriptToneSM, developed by physicians, payers, pharmacy benefits managers, and retail pharmacies.

The service is secure and ultimately very cost effective, estimated to save over $65 billion a year. In Their Own Words

“The result is ScriptToneSM, the nation’s first easy-to-use, fully managed electronic prescribing service designed to meet the needs of the mainstream physician.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Prematics is needed to bring the act of prescribing medications into the 21st century. Electronic prescriptions eliminate any doubt surrounding messy written prescriptions, it saves paper, and it standardizes the practice.

Some Questions About

How expensive will it be to buy the hardware (electronic device, prescription printer)? Will this be prohibitive?