– Talking Gift Tags sells two audio based products meant to enhance your gifts.

One is CD jewel case, the kind you’d use for digital photos or songs. The other is a gift tag. The resonating cool factor behind both these items is speech. They can talk, or rather more precisely, you can record and embed a sixty second message into them. Basically, upon ordering a talking tag or case you’ll be prompted to record your message either through the phone line or from your computer using a mic. Talking messages may be purchased with a gift via an online retailer, or they can be purchased on their own. If you record online you’ll have as many ‘takes’ as you need to get the perfect message; however, on the phone you’re limited to three tries. Messages can be played hundreds of times without wearing out. In Their Own Words

“ is 60 seconds of highly flexible, high quality audio space. it is infinitely and easily programmable by you or us. it is the brainchild of a team of enthusiastic, committed individuals with specialist market knowledge. it’s innovative and award winning solutions offer the next generation of consumer led marketing devices.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has come up with a sweet little product that makes gifts much more personal. Card writing can seem very rigid, formal, and even insincere, but the human voice is something different. The site has a nice aesthetic and its icons are rather endearing.

Some Questions About

Talking jewel cases and tags? Hasn’t this been done? Doesn’t it seem like an ‘as seen on TV’ type of gimmick?