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Prayter.comThis is a new micro-blogging service for religious individuals. Its users are allowed to create groups, and share their daily prayers, Bible verses and praises with the ones they know and trust, in no more than 140 characters. Each message that is shared through this site is called a prayter, and everything is structured in a way that makes it instantly possible to see who has prayed for whom. And also to join new groups, and become acquainted with people who share in you very same values and beliefs.


Home and church praying groups can be created simply by signing up for an account, and the whole process is not only free but also very simple. No sensitive information of any kind must be disclosed.

Personally, I find it really commendable to see technology being put to really spiritual uses. And I’m sure many of you would not only second that, but become actively involved with such startups.

And just in case you need some new prayers, then set your browser to It’s one of the most comprehensive resources of its kind to be found online. In Their Own Words

Prayter – microblogging for prayers, friends and family. Each Prayter is 140 characters in length, that’s enough to share your thoughts, Bible verses, prayer needs, praises and encouragement with people you trust and know. Be part of the home, church praying groups and support each other on daily basis. Prayter is the simple way to pray with/for people you care about.

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What about letting you add media to these prayers you share through the site?

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