KillerStartups – Online Prayer Requests allows people of all faiths to submit a prayer and then have others pray for them.

In this fast-paced world, people don’t always have time to go to Church everyday and so a service that allows them some spiritual release is very helpful. The service is very easy to use, just go to the site, click “submit a new prayer” and then type in your thoughts and images if desired. Your prayer will be immediately viewable online and others can pray for you by simply clicking “prayer it”. The more people that pray for you, the higher up on the page your prayer will be. So if you would like others to pray for you, perhaps the fastest solution is by going to In Their Own Words

“ is a place where people can experience the power of prayer
By submitting prayer requests thousands of people all over the world will keep you in their thoughts and pray for you is non denominational and all faiths are welcome to join in with the healing experience of prayer.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is certainly a large potential audience out there for this kind of service and many will like the fact that they can pray online. This could be a useful tool for religious people around the world.

Some Questions About

Will people feel comfortable praying online? Will some not feel that this makes a mockery of the Church? Perhaps they could consider having pastors online who could pray for people as well?

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