– An Online Rating Platform for Blogs

PraizedMedia.comA new website just launched to help bloggers and social networks become equipped with local directories directly related to the users of the site. Praized is the web software that is powered by a central hub and Facebook application where all votes and comments from Praize users are aggregated.

For example, MoCo Loco, a modern and contemporary design blog, uses Praized for users to rate their favorite places, tag them and to connect with friends who share the same tribal community. Any blogger or publisher can download free plugins for Movabletype and WordPress to include Praized in his or her website as well, and they can furthermore keep all of the ad revenue generated on their Praized page. The Praized platform comes pre-loaded with over 17 million US and Canadian local merchant listings complete with contact information and maps. Social features are also included like friends, favorites, voting, sharing, tagging and commenting. Together, users and publishers can organize local conversations for free. In Their Own Words

“Praized lets people find and discover local places and merchants with help from their community. In turn, publishers grow page views, visitors, editorial content and incremental ad revenue via this free local search platform.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The information website of Praized Media is cool in itself, displaying an informational video and lots of information about why publishers should download Praized. The facebook application is getting a lot of good press about being highly addictive, which will continue to activate a viable Praized user community to help support blogs’ online search platform. However, for someone new to blogging and web design, there is a lot of explanation and not enough visualization to see the benefits of Praized.

Some Questions About

How can the Praized Media website make the Praized platform more simple for the novice blogger? Can Praized minimize the about of explanation they include and instead display more pictures to visibly show how Praized can be used?