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Practicowl.comPracticowl is a new application that will let educators create and host exam materials online for free, either for public or private consumption. These individuals can create exams that will bear a custom markup, whereas attachments in the shape of audiovisual components are fully accounted for.

For its part, students are provided with a platform that will let them practice any given subject until they have mastered it (hopefully) both online and offline.

The practice exams which are created like this can deal with mostly any subject we can think of. It can be readily used for traditional standardized tests and home schooling lessons to professional certification exams.

Besides, this application comes with a wide range of options when it boils down to monetizing it, as a freemium model is provided alongside paid plans that give users access to premium content. And educational institutions can opt for one of the available licenses.

On the whole, quite an interesting tool for educators if only because the range of options when it comes to the availability and accessibility of the tests that are generated place it on a league of its own. In Their Own Words

“Create, share, and take practice exams on any subject.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Educators will find it worthy of a good look if only because it accommodates virtually every field of knowledge.

Some Questions About

Is it possible to apply this to exams in languages other than English?