Pozit.com – A Different Way To Ask & Answer Questions

Pozit.comPozit is a startup that joins the tried and tested field of Q & A sites. It tries to bring something different into the picture by letting people create their own pages and having them mailed to their friends.

That is, the page that hosts the question is only accessed by those who have been invited. People to whom you haven’t granted permission (IE, people to whom you didn’t mail the link) can not take part of the discussion.

That is Pozit’s defining feature, and it certainly gives the site an exclusivity that can end up clipping its very own wings. On the one hand, privacy is great when you are facing a delicate situation and you want the opinion of only a handful of people that you handpick yourself like members of your family and some close friends that might be located faraway. Pozit is particularly great in that context because the page itself is saved, and you can check it a later date in as much detail as you might want.

On the other hand, Q & A sites have always been social. Rather, they have been extremely social – one of their main selling points has always been that just anybody could waltz in and give his insight, no matter who he is or where he comes from. Pozit is clearly positioning itself at one end of the specter, and I wonder if most casual users would feel the need to go to that extreme very often.

Pozit.com In Their Own Words

“The smarter way to ask your friends.”

Why Pozit.com It Might Be A Killer

It is interesting from a developmental point of view – it stands as a private version of something that is public by definition.

Some Questions About Pozit.com

Will people actively go for it? Pozit.com