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PowerToFly Is Connecting Women To The Remote Jobs Of Their Dreams

Today’s Killer Startup: PowerToFly



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Elevator Pitch:

PowerToFly connects women in tech, design, sales, marketing, editorial, and other remote jobs with the people and companies who want to hire them.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

There are two trends in the tech world that are happening simultaneously but seem to not be meeting: the trend of more women working online and remotely (or from home) and the trend of the mainstream startup world not including very many women. Somehow, despite the fact that so many more women are taking advantage of the flexibility provided by ditching the office, there’s still a gender gap in tech.


Well, PowerToFly is out to change that. Launched only ten months ago, this matching agency already boasts $2.5 million paid out to women across the world, not to mention the $7.5 million round they just raised. They have a massive roster of talented women working in tech, including a list of those who have already been hired. And you know what? Even just looking at the profiles of these women gives me all the good feels, as it’s easy to forget how many other badass women are actually out there working in tech, especially when all of the news is about what an unfriendly industry it is for us.


There are a lot of remote working-specific issues that come up, from loneliness to figuring out your own taxes to marketing — and PowerToFly is tackling one really major one: the hustle. Seriously, constantly searching for new work is enough to make any remote worker newbie consider throwing in the towel and going back to the 9-5. In fact, I’m so impressed with what PowerToFly is doing, that I’m going to go create a profile right now.


Whether you’re a startup or established company looking to do more than just pay lip service to gender diversity in your company or you’re a woman who works remotely – who’s down to join up with what PowerToFly is doing – head over to their website and get started now.



Ready to REALLY close the gender gap in #tech? @powertofly has #bindersfullofwomen – but for real though.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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