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Pouchons.comPouchons.com is the next Hip-Hop Social Network and looks like your standard network, but with a distinct hip hop twist.

Pouchons provides social elements allowing users to create a personal page where information such as profile photo, pictures, comments, and other personal information can be included within the user’s profile. Pouchons also allows users to customize their profiles as they want. Friends have been reincarnated as Homies and Messages as Shout outs. Users send shout outs, give props, kisses or hugs to others users. A user must upload a “Salute” picture before he can rate other profiles. The top rated Users get a special spot on the homepage. There’s also a ‘Top Body’, which cumulates the body part pictures uploaded by members. The ‘Top Style’, similar in nature, shows some fashion pictures. On the technical level, the website offers various Web 2.0 features. The management of the user account and the customization of profiles is made easy for non computer-savvy users. The clear and simple interface provides a great experience for all users.

Pouchons.com In Their Own Words

“Pouchons is the first real Hip-Hop social networking website where members stay in touch with their homies, connect with homies, share photos, discover new interests and just hang out. Pouchons.com was founded by Thierry Bellevue and launched in August of 2005 as a french only website. One year and half later, Thierry decided to work on an improved version of the website, bringing Pouchons.com to another level.”

Why Pouchons.com It Might Be A Killer

Pouchons.com is a community that allows members to connect and share their culture and interests in a Hip-Hop oriented environment. It’s a very popular Hip-Hop Social Network on the net.

Some Questions About Pouchons.com

Will Pouchons.com catch on? Pouchons.com