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PostPressRelease.comIf you have ever launched a site or product you will already know how time-demanding everything can get in the run-up to the big day. Anything that saves time is something you will hold onto with both hands.


And this site plays out that exact role. Its name actually gives you a good indication of what it is all about: by using the site you will be able to post a press release to several sites at once. This includes various social media destinations as well as social bookmarking sites and aggregators of RSS feeds.

That might not look like something that would make a life-changing difference to those who look from the outside, but any insider can tell you an entirely different story. Time becomes the most valuable asset when it comes to launching any kind of product, and saving even a couple of hours can make a difference and let you find and fix a bug that might otherwise discredit your product.

And the site will also be of interest to those who want to remain abreast of the latest industry news and releases from all over the world. In Their Own Words

“Our name says it all we offer you the ability to post a free Instant press release in a matter of seconds but your press release does not stop here we also submit our users press releases to various of online social media, book marketing, classifieds and rss feed sites you can also find the latest hot press releases just released from across the world, This is your place to catch up on the breaking news from all over! To start posting a press release you will need to sign up for an account from the left menu, Verify your account and start posting!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can make any product release gain some much needed agility by letting the ones who are behind it free enough time to focus on bug-tracking and so on.

Some Questions About

Which languages are primarily supported? Will that change?

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