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Posti.caPostica is an online tool that allows users to better organize their documents, without having to print them off. Postica allows users to create sticky notes, attach files, and share those files with friends.


Users first create the sticky note, personalize it by color, and drag it to the corresponding document. Postica remembers the chosen color on any computer, so all people looking at documents view the same colored sticky note. Furthermore, users may upload chosen photos or documents to the sticky notes. Lastly, these sticky notes and documents may be shared to other friends, even if they have not created their own Postica accounts. In Their Own Words

“Postica lets you create sticky notes, attach a file, and share them with your friends. Create a sticky note, choose your color, and drag it. Postica remembers the location of your sticky note so it will look the same on every computer. Tired of emailing yourself one file? Quickly upload a photo or document to your sticky note. Have something to share with others? Send your sticky note to friends and family even if they don’t have an account.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Postica is a useful tool that simplifies document management. Files can be easily shared and organized, even among multiple users. Many different types of users, including students, co-workers, and friends, will find this tool of use.

Some Questions About

What additional features may Postica offer to users? How else can documents be manipulated and enhanced with Postica’s services? How may the website be enhanced with more information and services?

Author : Bill Webb

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