search cancel – Post-mortem Mailing Service is a service launched in 2006 that allows it users to set up an account for text and multimedia messages, which will be sent by e-mail to friends and family after they die.


In order to use their services, users have to pay a variable fee depending on how long before they die they create their accounts (individuals are billed yearly), select keyholders, who are the individuals that will be in charge of notifying the site of your death, and then start uploading stuff, like goodbye letters, special secrets, or any other piece of information that you want the people that are left behind to know. Interestingly, users can set up groups of recipients of letters, so that different people will have access to different material. Also, users can decide at which time after their death they want letters to be posted, which seems like quite convenient if, for instance, you want to say happy birthday or happy anniversary to a loved one. In Their Own Words

“Post Expression allows you to communicate with people after you’ve died. It gives you the opportunity to communicate final words of encouragement, confession and love; or private information that may get lost if you pass away”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

A very cool feature I found about this site is the message suggestion area, where you can read about the possible uses you can give to PostExpression, for instance the social networking suggestions, which allow you to post-mortem mail your social network contacts, and provide your profile access details so someone else can continue to keep your profile. Although some might consider post-mortem social networking a bit odd, it seems sensible to somewhat let your contacts and friends know about your passing away.

Some Questions About

The site’s rates and billing system are not clearly explained out, and it seems to me that is quite an important thing, as I would definitely not like to have my keyholders’ cards to be billed if mine is not working, and I also reckon that potential customers should be more comfortably knowing how much they’ll get billed and every how often, which is a piece of information one has to almost guess from

Author : Caroline Bright

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