– Help Catch Criminals, Watch Videos

PostACrime.comPostACrime lets you indulge in your superhero fantasies, allowing you to catch the bad guys and fight for justice, and all that jazz. So it’s not exactly the Justice League, but it does combine two very popular, modern day activities, watching reality videos on the web and potentially earning some cash money while you’re at it.

Simply browse the CCTV and security video uploads on the site, and see if you know any of the perps. To improve your chances, search the crime database using the Google Map or just enter your zip code to view crimes committed near your home/work . Alternately, if a crime has been committed against you or anyone you know, you can post photos, videos, or if those are lacking, simply include a detailed description. You’ve got to register to post content, but it’s free and you can post anonymously if you choose. For business owners, there’s a nifty Platinum Protection Pack which consists of decals and stickers to display your PostACrime membership—not sure if the stickers are worth the cash, but, it seems they’d achieve the same effect as those ‘Beware of large dog’ signs. In Their Own Words

“POSTACRIME.COM is a free service for anyone to upload photo or video content of burglary, theft, vandalism, or other criminal acts that have been caught on camera for the purpose of identification by the public. Users can also search our crime database by address or zipcode and view crimes committed near their homes and places of work, and submit tips should they have information about a specific crime.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site has the value of being both entertaining and practical. It’s like a productive version of Cops. Neighborhoods and businesses can start cracking down on criminals by advertising their crimes to the entire world. It’s like Big Brother or the panopticon, just the mere suggestion of constant vigilance can significantly deter crimes.

Some Questions About

Will smarter criminals use the site to find out how to avoid the cops? Will anyone buy those stickers? How often are crimes posted?