– Disposable Email Inbox

Postacin.comNo rational person gives his email address away to any old site that asks for it. Most people I know have one or two alternative email addresses that they supply when they want to try new services out. And that works out fine, but the thing is that such email addresses remain usable only for a while. Just a few weeks in, they have become completely riddled by spam, and it is time to create a new one from scratch.

Postacin is a service that simplifies everything by letting users come up with disposable email inboxes. These will be operational for a set amount of time only, and creating them is certainly much quicker and easier than creating a bonafide email address.

Postacin inboxes automatically delete emails after four hours, and all emails are stripped from the attachments they originally had so as to keep your computer safe from viruses.

Postacin is a free service. You can register your own username and start using the temporary inboxes that it provides almost instantly. In Their Own Words

Free disposable email service.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to fight spam – it is really easy to use, and it costs nothing.

Some Questions About

What other advantages have such inboxes got?