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All The Awesome Clothing You Could Dream Of, With Poshmark

Today’s Killer Startup: Poshmark



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Elevator Pitch:

Poshmark is an app and website that makes it super easy to buy and sell quality secondhand clothing.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

A lot of us have a whole bunch of clothing that’s still in great shape but we just don’t wear it anymore. It’s a total first world problem, right? A full closet, but nothing to wear.


Poshmark tackles that issue by making it super simple to buy and sell clothing online. Just take a picture of the item you want to sell, filter it if you feel like it (we all could use a little touch up sometimes), and post it!


Voila! You have what Poshmark calls a “Covershot.”


Even sending off your sold items is super easy with Poshmark, as the site provides sellers with a pre-paid, pre-addressed label. All you have to provide is the box and, if it’s small enough, you can just drop it off in one of the blue USPS boxes on your way to work.


On the shopping side of the equation, Poshmark provides an easy way to browse awesome products, right from your phone or laptop. Check out the latest trends, cool vintage finds, and items from some major brands – at a fraction of the price you’d pay anywhere else.


Poshmark also protects its buyers with refund policies if items don’t arrive or aren’t as advertised, so you don’t have to worry about the postal service losing your item or a shady seller.


And if you’re feeling like a baller, Posh Concierge will verify the authenticity of your designer item for a $39 per item fee. If your order is over $500, they’ll do it for free. That way, you know you’re not getting fleeced by any convincing knock-offs.



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Author : Emma McGowan

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