poseprints.com – Bring Greetings to Life

poseprints.comAre you one of those creative friends who can´t fathom the idea of a store bought card? If so then poseprints.com is a really fun and slightly narcisistic way to create personalized cards for any event.

The main idea is that you can design a pose as the main graphic on the card to look like you, the cards recipient, or the main person of an event. These cards can be bought in bulk to mail for invitations or can be sent by email as a ¨posecard¨ to brighten someone´s day. You can choose a cool card design or background from the 20+ options, and then create your pose. The pose options include hair color and style, eyes, smile, accessories, and a shirt or blouse. All of the options are very cute and are aimed at generally preppy people. You will not find a black lipstick smile on a posecard. My favorite feature is the pregnancy option. You can choose a shirt or blouse that shows off a big round belly. This is great for wedding showers or pranks for your guy friends. After perfecting your pose, you can fill in the card with personalized text. Poseprints offers complete customers service as well as a family touch to their business. The company was started by a very creative mother and daughter team and their website emotes a soft loving tone.

poseprints.com In Their Own Words

¨It was a family’s love of homemade stationery that led to PosePrints’ creation. The bi-coastal, mother-daughter team — comprised of Denise (mother) and Jen (daughter) — has never settled for common names-and-dates stationery or invitations. They have always annotated their lives’ special events with Jen’s personalized invitations, announcements, and note cards… So, here we are, determined to make it easy for you to find the right “pose” for all of your life’s events. We hope you find our products truly unique, memorable, and — most of all — fun!¨

Why poseprints.com It Might Be A Killer

Poseprints.com is an easy website to use and who doesn´t love an oportunity to make a picture of themselves online? I know I do! The designs are classy and versitile, unless you are a punk, and the accessories go with everything. This is cleary a website for style minded people and they will love it. It is simple, clean, and emailable too. There are cool options for graduation announcements, babyshowers, weddings, girls nights out and even simple business style cards.

Some Questions About poseprints.com

The styles are targeted towards the upper middle class women. For a start it is really impressive but I think expanding the styles and images could draw a larger customer base. poseprints.com