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PortfolioDashboards.comThe perfect service for angel investors and venture capital firms, lets its users track all the investments they’ve ever made on startups and emerging companies. If you’ve always been interested in investing in early-stage companies but didn’t do it before you were afraid it was all too complex, then this service is ready-made for you. By signing up for an account of your own, you’ll be provided with an elegant dashboard with all the indicators that would let you evaluate how profitable any investment of yours is turning out to be.


Besides, PortfolioDashboards can help you when it comes to creating reports. It features a really intelligent wizard that can guide you all through the process. And it can also deliver reminders whenever you should be starting on your reports, so that nothing is ever overdue.

PortfolioDashboards has actually been around ever since 2008, but it’s only now that the site has moved into public beta, and that anybody can create an account and begin using the service without needing to be invited first. The registration form is here, and signing up costs nothing. You are not asked to disclose your credit card number, either. In Their Own Words

Performance tracking for entrepreneurs and their investors.

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Shouldn’t a platform like this one be multi-lingual? Why don’t the PortofolioDashboards team crowdsources some translations?

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