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Populism In The USIf you are concerned with the current standing of the United States of America, it is very likely that reading this blog will provide you with food for thought and enough information to ponder on the way the country is headed, and how that situation came to be. The blog discusses the mistakes of recent administrations and the effect they have to this very day.

It is argued on the blog that the role politicians and the corporations that support them have played out turns them into the ones to blame for what many see as the lack of American integrity and identity. Obviously, while many would agree with that there are countless people who veto these premises. A blog such as this one provides the necessary information for holding your own when debating, whatever the side that your support and no matter what your political allegiance is. Is pointing your finger at others a bad idea since three other fingers point at you? Check out the blog, weigh up the information which is provided and arrive at your own conclusions. Populism In The US