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PopularQ.netAre you looking to know what is happening around the world while you’re sitting in your office? You will find the latest news at PopularQ.net.

This site provides you with information on the latest happenings in politics, entertainment, technology and sports. The image gallery is filled with pictures of celebrities from Jennifer Love Hewitt to Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Julia Sweeney; yu can play on of the hundred trivia games about anything from Dan Brown books to Julie Andrews and Sex and the City; vote in polls about celebrities, when do you think the Iraq war will end and if you think guys are sexier with or without tattoos. Finally, you should join the forums where you will be able to discuss anything that is on your mind from Lindsay Lohan recent arrest to Amy Winehouse’s health problems and who will win the democratic presidential elections.

PopularQ.net In Their Own Words

“PopularQ is a bunch of people, just like you, who love to keep track of what is happening in the world. Be it celebrity gossip or news, new music, TV shows new and old, Movies, Politics, or anything buzz worthy on the web.”

Why PopularQ.net It Might Be A Killer

PopularQ.net is an well designed, organized and interesting website that provides you with the tools to kill some time before leaving work by offering you the possibility to read the altest news from around the world concerning politics, celebrities and the latest technology. You can play the always entertaining trivia games or answer the polls while discussing “important” issues such as who will die next in All My Children.

Some Questions About PopularQ.net

With so many competitors, how will PopularQ fare against them? Will they update the gallery more frequently? Will the big number of banners drive people away? PopularQ.net