Popstok.com – The Popularity Of Stocks Measured

Popstok.comTurning the stock market into a popularity contest is the order of the day as far as this new website goes. It is a new addition to the array of tools and apps such as “TickMarkt” and “BetMyStock” – apps and tools that let anybody get acquainted with the stock market in a hassle-free and (above all) safe way.

In general terms, it presents the user with a list of the most popular stocks and then it enables him or her to vote on the ones he wishes. This way, anybody is given an indication of which stocks are more popular as of late, and which stocks might be worth keeping an eye peeled on.

In addition to that, the site features a comprehensive “Learn” category that includes resources such as books and guides for those who wish to delve deeper into the subject at hand. Chances are that if you have visited the site you will be interested in doing so, and such a collection of resources will not go amiss.

Popstok.com In Their Own Words

“Vote on the stock market.”

Why Popstok.com It Might Be A Killer

If you have been looking for an easy way to get acquainted with stocks, this will do the trick.

Some Questions About Popstok.com

How could the site become more interactive? Which further options for measuring popularity could be added? Popstok.com