Popset.com – Create Private Photo Albums

Popset.comPopset is the latest mobile app that makes sharing photo albums with your friends easy. By using this service you can share photos privately with as many friends as you want, and create as many albums as you wish. And built-in support with Facebook means that it’s really easy to export full albums from Popset into your own social network account.

The Popset mobile app can be downloaded for free, and once you’ve got it installed on your iPhone you can log in with your Facebook account. From there, you can start creating albums, and inviting all the people who should see them. And you’ll also get to see all the Facebook albums that your Popset friends have created (provided these are not set as private, of course).

The actual creation of albums is kept really straightforward. You can put one together by giving it a title, and setting its privacy setting in three easy steps. First, you have to check a box named “Where?” that tells Popset whether your photos have to be geo-tagged or not. And then you have to answer two questions: “Who can add photos?”, and “Who can see this album?”. Once that’s been done, you’ll get to start uploading all your photos, and only those you’ve chosen to shared them with will be able to see your album.

Popset.com In Their Own Words

Popset is the easiest way to start group photo albums with your friends – all photos are instantly yours to keep! This takes away the pain of emailing photos, however the reason we started Popset was because shared albums are simply a lot of fun!

Some Questions About Popset.com

When will you be able to upload an unlimited number of photos to Facebook? Right now, you can only upload 10. And that limit can be felt very heavily. Popset.com