Pope2you.net – Pope Benedict XVI On Facebook

Pope2you.netIt is nothing out of the ordinary for different organizations, entities and figureheads to establish an online presence. In actuality, any social institution that has no presence on the Word Wide Web is missing on a whole number of potential followers, and its message is certainly not reaching as many ears as it should.

It comes as no surprise, then that Pope Benedict XVI now can be found on Facebook.

Interaction is accomplished via a Facebook app that is named Pope2You. This application lets any believer receive the messages of Pope Benedict XVI through the ever-popular network, and the messages can then be resent by the person to any of his contacts.

The ultimate aim of this app (and of recent steps taken by the Vatican such as the creation of a YouTube channel) is creating an online community and let believers draw closer together, interacting even with those who are located far away. And those who do not believe can find out more about the Christian faith through such useful resources.

Pope2you.net In Their Own Words

“The application Pope2You for Facebook, lets you receive the messages of Pope Benedict XVI through the most important social network of the world. So you can meet the Pope on Facebook, listen to his words, see his pictures, receive his messages of congratulations through “virtual postcards”. The postcards can be sent to your “friends” on Facebook and the application can be shared with anyone. So we can create a close sharing network around our Pope.”

Why Pope2you.net It Might Be A Killer

It is a very interesting and suitable way of letting the world at large learn more about Christian Faith.

Some Questions About Pope2you.net

How far can interaction go? Pope2you.net