Popacular.com – Measure The Popularity Of Sites

Popacular.comThe popularity of a website can be gauged in a plethora of ways. PR and Alexa spring immediately to mind, but there is always people who like to have alternatives.

This website is bound to interest these individuals, as it compiles together a list of the most popular bookmarks from Delicious.

This list takes up the main page of the site, and there is an option to rearrange the list according to the rate of bookmarks in question. For instance, you can see the ones that were bookmarked the most in the last eight hours or in the last week, whereas you can also easily visualize an “All time” category.

In addition to that, a Popacular for Twitter bookmarks has just been released. You can easily check it out by following the link that is featured on the main page. According to the site, the billionth tweet mark has been reached and it just goes from strength to strength.

As a conclusion, the next time you are arguing with a friend about which website is more popular, you can always set your browsers to Popacular and see who is right and who is wrong instantly.

Popacular.com In Their Own Words

“A list of the most popular bookmarks from delicious.com.”

Why Popacular.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a good way for having a clearer appreciation of a site’s popularity.

Some Questions About Popacular.com

How can this project be furthered and improved? Popacular.com