search cancel – The World Go Down The Toilet It is more than possible that you have never imagined the existence of such an application. This is a certainly atypical website that was created for fun by a somebody that just wanted to produce different Twitter application.


This site can be basically defined as a “peculiar” social site that gives you the chance to send Tweets about your bathroom. Simple and clear, you just send messages about your bathroom and that is it. When you enter the site you realize that there are many people with spare time on the internet.

In case you want to watch the world from a trully different perspective is a website you need to visit now. But, what is this site all about? Believe it or not, this site is just about your bathroom and your personal bathroom’s experiences. No more than that.

There is another Twitter application that is about bathrooms called but this one is certainly different. Although it sounds disgusting, this is a new twitter application that is already being used by many people. A good thing about it, is its sophisticated design considering that it is a simple Twitter application without any special feature. In Their Own Words

“Watching the world go down the toilet”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will be attractive for people with plenty of spare time

Some Questions About

Is this solution going to endure?

Author : Paul Barker

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