PoochPal Leaves No Doubt: Social Networking Is For The Dogs


Nothing personal, dog owners, but no matter how much you love your dog and consider him your best friend, he could use a few more pals of the canine variety.


I know this, because I have learned to speak in woof over the last two years. I live in a neighborhood where, no joke, one out of every four houses has a dog. Since I work from home with the window of my office cracked open most of the time, I hear dogs barking all day long. All day.


“More walks, more trips to the park,” they plead. “I’m lonely and bored,” they shout to one another, and alllllllllllllllllllll day I listen to the chorus belt out, “Me too.”


The good news is that there’s now a tool that makes it easy for dog owners to connect with one another and to find the perfect pawed friends for their beloved pets. It’s called PoochPal. It’s an iOS app (with an Android version on the way soon) “for people who love pooches.”



It’s an incredibly straightforward and useful app. Account holders create a badge that displays basic information and a picture of their dog. PoochPal is a location-based app, which means that, with these few details, pet owners can find (or “sniff out”) more PoochPals for their dog.


As they are social creatures, it seems only fair that dogs should have a social network focused on their happiness. We might have to ask ourselves why exactly we spend so much time on Facebook, but the value of PoochPal is clear. Dog owners can chat with one another, arrange walks and doggie play dates, and coordinate dog sitting with one another.


And I don’t know about you, but I’m so busy that I often forget what the relationship is to a majority of my contacts. This contact overload is a problem for pet owners who need help in a lurch, or who might be able to save themselves a trip to the vet if they could ask another trusted pet owner a quick question. PoochPal gives them a place to turn quickly to tap into the wisdom and assistance of the local dog-owning community.


Oh, sure, if you just want to spend time sharing adorable photographs, you can do that too. PoochPal is good place to store your no doubt huge gallery of dog pictures. Unlike with other platforms, you’ll find an audience here that won’t grow tired of seeing Rover roll over.


So, if you’re ready to take your passion for dogs beyond the puppy love stage – to get serious about finding new friends for your pet and meeting up with other nearby dog lovers – dig up more details at or download the app from the App Store.


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