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Polyspeaks.comWhen learning a new language, nothing beats the chance to have a one-on-one conversation with a native speaker. Even just talking to one for 10 minutes will do wonders for you. It’s the kind of experience that takes your understanding further than sitting down with a textbook for the best part of a week ever could. And it’s the kind of experience that services like bring to just everybody.

This site lets you chat with foreigners on the spot. You simply log in using your Facebook username and password, and then you’re be given the chance to pick someone else to have as your chat partner. English, Spanish, French, Danish, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese… no major language has been left out of it all.

Polyspeaks is a really useful service as it stands right now, but it would clearly be much better if it only let you use your webcam in order to chat with people. That would give the whole service yet another layer, and the kind that would let it fulfill its mission even better. Just take a look at a site like Busuu to see how well a live video chart works. In Their Own Words

Chat now with people who speak other languages.

Some Questions About

Is a live video chat feature ever going to be added? Wouldn’t that make a really big difference?

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