Pollfish – It’s About Time Surveying Millions Of Mobile Users Was This Easy

So, you could spend a fortune working with an ad agency to put together a survey to reach your audience, most likely with no guarantee of the results you need. On someone else’s timeline. You could teach yourself how to use a complicated tool online to build your own survey (and then probably find another tool to analyze data). Or…


…you could put together a survey quickly, obtain results fast, save yourself a bundle of money, and tap into a pool of over 180 million consumers.


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The choice isn’t a hard one to make, is it?


Pollfish is a mobile app and online survey tool that makes collecting survey results from mobile device users a quick and painless process. In their own words, they’re all about: “transforming survey intelligence with the most accurate, cost effective results and the quickest survey completion times.”


It doesn’t matter if you’ve never attempted to survey your customers before. Anyone can manage this straightforward process. Here’s how it works. You select your target audience (based on variables like location, gender, age, etc.) and create a survey with the questions you want to ask, and then – really that’s about the extent of your effort. From here, Pollfish will put your questions in front of the appropriate respondents. Within hours, you’ll have the results in front of you, ready for quick analysis and easy export.


You skeptics out there can monitor results in real time. What’s more, you only pay for completed surveys, and there aren’t any sign-up fees. You can begin sending surveys out for as little as one dollar. A few filters will cost you fifty cents, but Pollfish also offers plenty of filters free of charge. Basically, you can hone in on your target audience with great precision, without breaking your bank.


Customer satisfaction surveys, product testing, and whatever market research you need done – startups too often think this precious information is beyond the bootstrapped budget and impossible with a limited staff and other resources.


Pollfish doesn’t want you waiting around to collect the survey results that will fuel your success. The company doesn’t believe you need to be a survey software pro to assemble your survey. Nor does Pollfish want your breaking a sweat to find the right people to send your questions.


The global pool of mobile users is staggering. Let Pollfish survey all the right people for your business needs. If you scoot over to their website to use Pollfish now, you can also take advantage of a 50% discount on your first survey – before they become massively popular and such bargains vanish. Whatchya waiting for? Pose questions to millions of cellphone users on the go, with Pollfish.


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