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Polleverywhere.comTired of the expensive equipment that goes along with public opinion polling? Poll Everywhere is an all-software alternative. Users select a question, a set number of answers, and an overall layout on Poll Everywhere’s website, and an audience is directed to text message their responses to a specific number.


The results can then be displayed in real time online or in a power point presentation. Even better, the first 100 responses are free, and for larger numbers of participants, Poll Everywhere offers competitive prices. The software is ideal for teachers, religious leaders, event planners, and all other speakers. In Their Own Words

“Poll Everywhere is the world’s first all-software audience response system. Unlike other voting or polling solutions, you don’t have to buy expensive proprietary hardware or “call for special pricing,” you just sign up and create text message (SMS) polls in literally minutes. Your first 100 votes are free and if you decide that you love Poll Everywhere, you can buy more votes for about 7.5¢ to 4.7¢ per vote.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Poll Everywhere represents democratization in the area public opinion polling equipment. Formerly, the equipment was only available to those that had large budgets, but this software makes polling accessible to everyone. For such reasonable prices, why shouldn’t this software take off?

Some Questions About

Poll Everywhere still requires a mobile phone- and for those that are ambivalent about the poll, will they be reluctant to spend the money to send a text message?

Author : Mery Fisher

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